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Fashion in terms of style, vogue, fad or any other reference to appearance and clothing is one of the most outward appearances a person makes at nearly every moment of every day. Clothing is a necessity in life, but for most, it is more than just the obvious need for modesty that makes them shop long hours for the right fit and the right look. Fashion can be many things from personal expression to social status.

What's more, is fashion is almost an interpreted art. What looks good to one person may not appeal to others. Everyone's sense of fashion varies from the extreme to the conservative and designers of fashion are no exception. In a world where labels make as much of a statement as what they are attached to, this phenomenon is deeply rooted.

Here we explore the history of fashion, it's impact on the world, and all the many, many varied styles and statements to be made through clothes. From the time we are born, someone is influencing the clothes we wear. Women actually make the majority of clothing purchases, but men's fashion is not lost on all. From baby clothes to the runways of Paris, the articles herein take a look at what is worn, what was worn, and what has worn out.

Explore for yourself the different styles through out time and what people are wearing today. From where it comes from to how it's sold, clothing is a necessary industry driven by something much more frivolous>. Maybe you are searching for your own sense of style. If so, remember, clothing is what we wear, fashion is how we wear it.